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UP•LIFT 2 : Movement Mastery

$450Purchase required to enroll
UP•LIFT 2 : A Woman's Strength

by: Tif Sippel & Jae Yee

Now that you've learned the fundamentals of powerlifting, it's time to refine your skills and discover your strength!

UP•LIFT 2 takes your skills to the next level as we incorporate these BIG LIFTS from UP•LIFT 1 into a full-body program – designed to maximize your effort, address areas of your body that you never felt before, and tighten up your assets.

You will spend 6 weeks (12 Classes) working with 5 other women who are:
• Working on the same goals
• Interesting in getting better each class
• Willing to give their best effort and to support you in your best each time
• Love seeing results!

Note: Each class builds on top of the last. You will be given the workouts to complete on your own time in the eent that you miss class. If you can not make more than 3 classes, it may not be appropriate for you to register at this time and we'd love to see you in the next course!